Lombardi's Romagna Mia

More than 10 years ago restaurateur Alberto Lombardi started Romagna Mia with the idea of introducing Las Vegas to the cuisine of the region he grew up in, Emilia Romagna. Mr Lombardi's vision was to share the delicacies and flavors of his childhood with the residents of Las Vegas as well as the countless visitors of this one of a kind city. With our chefs he created a diverse menu with dishes that perfectly represent the entire country of Italy. Enjoy our traditional fresh pasta, wood oven pizzas and focaccia, creamy risottos, a wide selection of fresh seafood and grass feed Angus beef and you will have a true taste of authentic Italian cuisine.

Come eat, drink and enjoy life at Lombardi's Romagna Mia.

Buon appetito!
—Alberto Lombardi

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